Japan Creative Centre

If you’re interested in Japanese arts and culture but can’t travel to Japan, then the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) is definitely the next best place to visit. Innovation and Tradition is the main theme of the Centre. The Centre will showcase Japan’s “soft power”, such as pop-culture and traditional arts, besides creating space for experiencing the charms of Japan. The

Beauty and Diversity of Japanese Washi Paper

Beauty and Diversity of Japanese Washi Paper showcases the charms and diversity of washi, the traditional Japanese hand-made paper that is inscribed as an UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This exhibition shows how washi can be innovated and given new life through creativity and ingenuity — through paper dolls by Japanese artist Masako Soeda, as well as a variety of creative

Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands

Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands is every Harry Potter fan’s dream — stamps from one of the most popular movie and book series, as well as memorabilia and collectibles from private collectors. I felt like a wizard there, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Here, you will find interactive displays, moving portraits and even a mock-up Hogwarts

Chicken and Egg: A Fowl Tale

Since it’s the Year of the Rooster, what better way to celebrate the tenth animal in the zodiac cycle than Chicken and Egg: A Fowl Tale. In fact, the chicken is viewed in many ways across the world. The info boards and displays are filled with adorable illustrations, which made learning about the chicken’s history and domestication a fun experience.

Precious Eggs: Of Art, Beauty and Culture

I was surprised to find that this exhibition has more eggs than stamps. Called Precious Eggs: Of Art, Beauty and Culture, it features 148 precious eggs from the Liechtenstein National Museum. If like me, you haven’t heard of Liechtenstein before, it’s a country in Central Europe known for its rich history (dating back to the Stone Age). The Singapore Philatelic

A Little Magic Exhibition

A Little Magic Exhibition at the Lee Foundation Atrium features ‘magical’ stamps from fairy tales, folklore and fantasy stories. It brought me back to my childhood, and I was drawn to all the beautiful illustrations on those stamps. I could tell this exhibition catered to the school children who were having their June holidays, and apparently there were talks and

The Parkview Museum

The Parkview Museum is a private museum established by the Parkview Group. It is actually a recent addition to Parkview Square, conceived to host exhibitions with an emphasis on contemporary art. If you don’t know much — like I was — about Parkview Square, this office building is dubbed ‘Gotham Building’ due to its ritzy art deco style. The Parkview

NUS Museum

Although I’m a NUS alumni, I have actually never visited the NUS Museum — much to my shame. In fact, it’s the oldest university museum in Singapore, having been established in 1955. It focuses on Asian regional art and culture, and seeks to create an enriching experience. As a university museum, NUS Museum’s mission is to actively facilitate intellectual and

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

As a cohesive, multiracial society, it’s important for all ethnic communities to experience and understand one another’s traditions and customs. The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) was completed in December 2016 for that purpose: to nurture and promote Singapore Chinese culture through quality performances, exhibitions and cultural activities. The Centre aspires to be a community institution for everyone to participate

Artcommune Gallery

Located on the 3rd level of Bras Basah Complex is the artcommune Gallery, a dedicated art space for the showcasing of local visual talents, as well as foreign artists in search of a platform for creative collaboration. It’s also committed to the growth of the Singapore art ecosystem through the nurturing of local artists and efforts of increasing art literacy